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Create a Pattern from a Photo with Grace Errea

Skill Level: All Levels

This workshop presents to the participants the 
steps required to turn inspirational original photographs(s) into a pattern that then can be used to create an amazing quilt. You will hone your skills to take a favorite photo, and create an amazing textile from it. Grace will show
how to enhance perspective and depth, how to proportionately enlarge the drawing from the photo(s) and how to incorporate multiple photos in one design. You will learn about VALUE as it is the most important tool in identifying shapes and creating the pattern. You will start by
working on a photo provided by Grace. Using this simple photo we will go through the steps of identifying shapes, creating the pattern, and value-lizing the final pattern for easy fabric selection. Grace will provide copies of the pattern from that photo to learn the steps to get the pattern ready for quilt construction.

Kit Contents ($40.00)

Kit Contents: Photos Used in Class, Full Size Pattern Sample, Fabric Gray Scale, Value Matching Tool, Value in Color Chart, Alcohol Pads

Supply List

•A few clear acetate write-on transparency sheets (8 ½ x11”) or clear report covers
• Cropping Tool (make one from 2 L shapes)
• Board – foam core 20” x 20” or larger
• Pencils – 1 red erasable and one regular black pencil, eraser
• Highlighters in various colors
• White-out correction fluid
• T-Pins
 Also bring a few of your favorites photos for discussion in class

Create a Pattern from a Photo with Grace Errea

$ 45.00
(does not include kit)