National Quilt Day Celebration

We are celebrating with balloons and more! Come join us.  The balloons have more that hot air in them,,,Discount Savings.  Choose your items and POP a balloon to discover the Discount %.  This is a day to celebrate quilters all over the nation.  Quilter are special so we want to make it a special day for you.  The Quilt Museum will be free to everyone on this day of celebrating. There will be a special exhibit by a very talented local quilter, Loretta Pasco; and she will be present to Talk Story from noon to 2 PM.  Don't miss this! Please, come join us and pop a balloon.

That's not all we are doing, we have a fundraiser going on to support the Quilt Show in July.  We are publishing a cookbook for the Quilt Show, and we want you to be in it.  Quilters are usually very good cooks when they are not quilting. Think about it, how many skinny quilters do you know?  Anyone who brings in a recipe on this Saturday, March 16, will receive a free fat eighth.  To learn more about the July Quilt Show visit

Remember!  This Saturday, March 16th, 10 - 4 PM

Shop early so you will have time to join Loretta as she Talks Story noon - 2PM.

And don't forget your recipe!